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In her heartwarming autobiography, Marie takes us on a journey into a world of passion, pleasure, desire, and dreams. She then brings us into the unstoppable realm within her.

Her story starts as a child in wartime England and includes a sudden change of direction, and a meeting of a man, and his subsequent on-foot journey across the world to marry her. Their little adventures together become one big adventure.



Marie's passionate story is a reminder that God is a Big God who answers Big Prayers and does Big things.

Her willingness to persevere and take risks to change the lives of the poor is humbling and shows extraordinary faith-

Rosalie Schick


Many years later, Marie and her sister visit a foreign country, and on her second visit, a new world opens. Marie, an ordinary woman- full of bounce and energy- pioneers intuitive ways of handling the age-old problem of poverty.

In Unstoppable, discover a surprising twist that introduces a new stage into her journey- a must-read for the adventurous heart.

It's candid, funny, and fabulous!

The editor.


From her book...

"So we were about to change over but I wouldn’t let go of the steering wheel. I was gripping it so tightly you could see the whites of my knuckles."


Unstoppable is truly sensational. A captivating account of Marie’s extraordinary life as she shares her experiences of God’s faithfulness. Leanne


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