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Dave was abandoned by his earthly father when he was three years old. Through courageous openness and vulnerability, Dave defied the socially constructed traps set for him and redefined normality for many around him.
He is a Vietnam Veteran and a retired police officer having served 22 years in the Australian Federal Police in specialist units. Dave pioneered two Bible Colleges in Canberra and served in pastoral roles in two churches.Dave and his wife Kath have three sons and six grandchildren.
He has ministered in Vanuatu, Fiji and Vietnam.
Dave  has a Doctorate of Philosophy in Theology. He was awarded a  Certificate in Pastoral Ministries, Associate Degree in Biblical Studies, Bachelor Degree in Church Ministry as well as a Master's Degree in Biblical Studies.
His passion is to make the Father known.

''the boy, the tree, & the trench" available now


Wholeheartedly embrace yourself.

…Your feats and defeats. Your boldness and uncertainties. Listen to your heartbeat. You are enough.

This book is not for the fainthearted. The Boy, The Tree & The Trench takes a good hard look at the culturally constructed ways men are expected to stay within their self-belittling behaviours. David’s candid approach exposes the traps men find themselves in.

Many circumstances pitted themselves against David. Abandonment and an abusive upbringing landed him in a deep place of self-perceived failure. Dave learned to rise above his situation through courageous openness and vulnerability. His heartfelt writings point to freedom that will give flight to your wings. 

This fast-moving book, full of surprising  twists and turns, will challenge your mindset and bring you to a new level of trust in a Father that has your back.

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