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Glenn Cossar

This book has a high and cheerful note to it. The characters have profound stories with sad phrases, but the element of hope remains constant. There is also humor in the interactions, making this book enjoyable and easy to read. I recommend this short read to anyone looking to draw wisdom from tragedy or seeking to help others who are concerned for a loved one—Online Book Club #1.

What I like most about this book are the segments that include discussions on the dynamic and complicated nature of depression and the challenges of parenting, especially for single and new parents. I equally love the seamless flow of the stories from one to the next—Online book club #2.   

Glenn Cossar delivers practical and effective storytelling that says to the reader, ‘’even when hope is lost, you have got this.” I also like how each character is well supported to discover their inner strength. Overcoming the loss of hope is never easy, but it is very possible, and these pages offer the reader inspiration and hope for a better tomorrow. The pages can be read, re-read, and applied to a myriad of challenges we may be facing, not just in the scenarios where the lead characters are placed. Through Glenn’s effective storytelling, the captivating plot draws the light from within. His book will definitely melt or bush away darkness if you accept its reality. Read and re-read the subtle but powerful quotes -they can lead you to a mighty transformation. Your search for hope ends with this book. I recommend it to everyone facing a low in life. Reedsy.

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